Dr. Ashman Group Brings E-learning to Africa

Dr. Ashman Group Brings E-learning to Africa The Shalette Ashman Group has partnered with several African E-Learning experts and educators to build a reservoir of interactive content geared toward satisfying the curriculum in selected countries. The initiative is set to roll out in August 2022.  Dr. Ashman, who leads the initiative, stated that the project […]

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings-Episode 5

  Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings Episode 5 – Respecting the Journey: Earned Titles and Genuine Leadership in the Church. You know what absolutely grinds my gears? I’m fed up, and I can’t hold it in any longer! It’s about time someone called out those folks who think they can just waltz into a church, claim they’ve […]

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings-Episode 4

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings Episode 4 – The Sacred Duty of Parenting: Demanding Accountability for the Well-Being of Future Generations Oh, let me tell you something about the responsibilities of parents! It absolutely infuriates me to see people taking on the role of a parent without even understanding what it truly means. Parenting is not some […]

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings-Episode 3

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings Episode 3 – Unlock the Power Within: Embrace Your Worth and Thrive in Love. For far too long, I lost myself in the depths of ‘love.’ I made excuses for mistreatment, settled for less than I deserved, neglected the passions that once defined me, and compromised my values, all for the sake […]

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings-Episode 2

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings Episode 2 – Neglecting Our Elders: A Call for Change I want to express my frustration about the way some of us treat our elderly parents and grandparents. It’s disheartening to see that despite their sacrifices and selflessness towards us, they are often left in unfortunate living conditions while we indulge in […]

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings-Episode 1

Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings Episode 1 – Breaking Down Divisions: Embracing Unity for a Stronger Jamaica I’ve had enough of this incessant need to draw lines in the sand and separate every aspect of Jamaican life into opposing camps. It’s time to chastise this childish mentality and call it out for what it is – utterly […]