Dr Ashman is a highly versatile professional who possesses a diverse academic background and a wide range of expertise. Her accomplishments span various domains, establishing her as an accomplished author, educator, and speaker. Currently, she holds the position of CEO at LearningHub, a globally renowned company with offices in the Caribbean and North America.

Dr Ashman is recognized as a pioneer of eLearning in the Caribbean, having spearheaded its implementation back in 2005. With an impressive educational background, she holds a PhD in Computing Technology in Education, an Education Specialist Degree, a Master’s degree in Rhetoric Composition and Digital Media, a Master’s degree in Business, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. Her extensive knowledge and experience have also assisted organisations seeking to leverage technology for enhanced teaching and learning.

Throughout her career, Dr Ashman has forged valuable partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Harvard University, Macmillan Publishers, Nelson Thornes Publishers, RIM, USAID, Jamaica Constabulary Force, CDA, LIME, and Digicel. Additionally, she has collaborated with several Ministries of Education, including those of Jamaica, Dominica, the British Virgin Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, in the creation and execution of impactful eLearning initiatives. These initiatives have empowered students to engage with online learning platforms and brought about significant educational advancements.
Her numerous accomplishments further evidence Dr Ashman’s breadth of knowledge and expertise. Her excellence and innovation in technology-based education have earned her four national innovation awards, serving as a testament to her exceptional contributions and leadership in education.