Dr. Ashman Group Brings E-learning to Africa

The Shalette Ashman Group has partnered with several African E-Learning experts and educators to build a reservoir of interactive content geared toward satisfying the curriculum in selected countries. The initiative is set to roll out in August 2022.  Dr. Ashman, who leads the initiative, stated that the project is decade-long labour of love as the content is designed to match specific objectives for each curriculum. Additionally, the project will also see the inclusion of augmented reality workbooks, ebooks and offline apps. 

Educational Specialist and Founder of E-learning Platform, Dr. Shalette Ashman shares more about the initiative on Sunrise. Watch the full interview here:

The E-Learning initiative will allow for online and offline support and access in areas where internet access is unstable. Dr. Ashman is excited and deeply honoured about the opportunity to collaborate with these countries in Africa. Particularly when so much is required to narrow the learning gap, which has become even wider since the Covid-19 pandemic.