Dr Ashman is a prominent figure in eLearning and online test preparation in the Caribbean. In 2005, she pioneered the introduction of eLearning and online test preparation in the region, which earned her recognition for her contributions. She is the CEO of LearningHub Group, a company with registered offices in North America and the Caribbean.

Under Dr Ashman’s leadership, LearningHub Group has developed dedicated eLearning platforms for students and teachers in the Caribbean, North America, and Africa. These platforms have been instrumental in helping hundreds of thousands of students prepare for their national and regional examinations. Besides her eLearning work, Dr Ashman is heavily invested in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

She has received four national innovation awards for computing technology in education, recognizing her efforts to incorporate technology into the teaching and learning process.

In addition to her contributions to eLearning and STEM education, Dr Ashman is also a certified brain training coach. She has conducted extensive research and developed cognitive training programs for primary school students with low academic performance. She focuses on enhancing memory capabilities and offers computerised working memory training at the LearningHub Cognitive Center.

Dr Ashman’s dedication to improving education through eLearning, STEM initiatives, and cognitive training has made her a respected figure in the field. Her work has significantly impacted students and teachers in the Caribbean, North America, and Africa, and she continues to innovate and make strides in the education sector.