Shalette Ashman Group Limited is an internationally recognised award-winning group with a consistent record of excellence. This track record spans education, coaching and technological consultancy. The group has since expanded to include hospitality and art, and also has registered companies in North America and the Caribbean.

National Awards 

We are the winners of four Jamaican national innovation awards for technology in education.  


Since the founding of its first entity, the group has stood at the forefront of educational development in the Caribbean. We pioneered eLearning in the Caribbean in 2005 and continue to lead the region in this regard. We have also made significant contributions to the eLearning space in North America and Africa. 

Partnerships and Collaborations 

Over the years, we have partnered with several governments and international organisations such as: 

  • Ministry of Education Jamaica 
  • Ministry of Education Turks and Caicos 
  • Ministry of Education Dominica 
  • Ministry of Education British Virgin Islands 
  • The Jamaica Constabulary Force 
  • Child Development Agency
  • Harvard University (Berkman Center)
  • United States Embassy 
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Scotiabank Jamaica 
  • Scotiabank Turks and Caicos 
  • LIME 
  • Digicel 
  • Macmillan Publishers 
  • Nelson Thornes Publishers 
  • Blackberry