Shalette’s Unfiltered Musings

Episode 4 – The Sacred Duty of Parenting: Demanding Accountability for the Well-Being of Future Generations

Oh, let me tell you something about the responsibilities of parents! It absolutely infuriates me to see people taking on the role of a parent without even understanding what it truly means. Parenting is not some leisurely activity or a hobby; it’s a full-time, lifelong commitment that requires dedication, love, and hard work. A parent’s first and foremost responsibility is to CARE for their children and ensure their well-being. This includes providing food and shelter, emotional support, guidance, and attention. If you can’t handle a child’s basic needs, then you have no business becoming a parent! Creating a SAFE and LOVING home environment is not optional; it’s essential to being a parent. Children need a stable and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. If you can’t even maintain a safe space for your own children, then you are failing them from the start. Next, providing OPPORTUNITIES for children to develop emotional, social, and cognitive skills is crucial for their future success and happiness. Parents should be actively involved in their children’s growth, helping them discover their passions and interests. If you’re too self-absorbed to invest time and effort into your children’s development, then why did you even bring them into this world? And let’s remember the importance of NURTURING and EDUCATING children. Parents are their first teachers, and it’s their duty to instil values, morals, and knowledge into their young minds. Neglecting this aspect of parenting is a gross disservice to the child and society as a whole. It infuriates me to see people irresponsibly bringing children into this world without any consideration for the tremendous undertaking that parenting entails. Having children is neither a casual decision nor something to check off your bucket list. It is a sacred duty that should only be taken on by those fully committed to doing the job right. If you cannot honestly answer “YES” to all four questions – if you cannot care for, create a safe and loving environment, provide opportunities, and nurture and educate your children – then, for the love of all that’s good, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! You are not fit for this monumental task, and it’s selfish and reckless to bring children into a life where they won’t be properly cared for. It’s time for society to hold parents accountable for their responsibilities. Neglectful parenting has far-reaching consequences, not just for the children themselves but for the entire community. So, to all the wannabe parents out there, step up or step away. The role of a parent is too vital to be taken lightly, and it’s about time we start demanding more from those who choose to take on this sacred duty.